Working together to build neurodiversity inclusion

At Uptimize, we believe in the power of collaboration towards shared goals.

Working Together Neurodiversity Inclusion
Build Amplify Neurodiversity Services

Distribution Partners

Build and amplify your neurodiversity services. Use our tools to deliver bigger outcomes at larger scale.

Neurodiversity Research Training Best Practice

University Partners

Collaborating on Neurodiversity research, training, and best practices.

Partner Organizations Benefit Neurodivergent

Ecosystem Partners

We are looking to partner with organizations in the assistive tech, recruitment tech, and other related fields that have products that can directly or indirectly benefit neurodivergent people in the workplace.

Our Distribution Partners:

Neurodiversity Hub

Our University Partners:

Cornell University
Mercyhurst University
Information School University of Washington
RIT Rochester Institute of Technology
Work Together

Let’s work together!

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