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Why neuroinclusion?


Everyone thinks differently. Ignoring this risks marginalizing autistic, dyslexic, or other neurodivergent talent.

When we equip our teams to include all types of thinkers, great things happen.


Did you know?

1 in 5

people may be neurodivergent in some way


1 in 10

choose to disclose their neurodivergence to employers


of neurodivergent employees want their organizations to be more neuroinclusive

The power of neuroinclusion

Neuroinclusion promotes equity and addresses critical talent challenges.

boost culture and wellbeing

Boost Culture and Wellbeing

Upgrade Colaboration

Upgrade Collaboration

Attract & Retain Untapped Talent

Attract & Retain Untapped Talent

Inclusive Workplace Training

“It’s amazing to hear about other people who experience things like I do.”

Colleague, Environmental Company

Neurodivergent employees and managers

“This training has completely changed how I think about my team.”

HR Manager, IT Company

Neurodivergent employees and managers

Neurodiversity training solutions

We train and advise organizations to include and work with people who think in different ways.

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