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Proven and scalable, Uptimize’s enterprise solutions deliver neuroinclusion and its benefits to your business.

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Empathetic Effective Workplace

Build a more empathetic and effective workforce

Uptimize’s world-leading, role-specific Neuroinclusion Suite e-learning enables you to quickly build awareness and tactical competency – with rapid results.

Empathetic Effective Workplace

Upskilling Your Teams

Your colleagues, managers, HR staff and more will love our bite-sized, info-packed learning experiences: quickly filling key knowledge gaps, and equipping them with immediately practical tactics to contribute to stronger and more inclusive teams.


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Support Teams

Support your teams “in the moment”

An individual colleague, manager or recruiter can find themselves needing quick answers to urgent questions relating to neurodiversity. Our unique Neuroinclusion A-Z Toolkit has them covered.

Engage Key Stakeholders

Engage key stakeholders

Subject matter expert-led virtual live workshops help you spark the neuroinclusion conversation and embed neuroinclusive practices across your organization.

Engage Key Stakeholders

Feedback from Learners

“As someone with ADHD, I’d recommend this training to just about anyone”

Coworker, Tech Company

“Excellent courses from both a content perspective and from an instructional design perspective.”

L&D Manager, Tech Company

“I was surprised by my own lack of knowledge here – and how much I learned!”

Coworker, Mining Company

Measure Impact

Measure the impact

Choose from our robust impact measurement tools to see meaningful results across key talent and DEI metrics.

Our Customers

“Can’t tell you how much we love your product!”

Nicholas Carter

Accommodations Manager, Salesforce

“Jefferies’ Employee Resource Group focused on advancing disability and neurodiversity, partnered with Uptimize, a leader in neuroinclusion, for an insightful, informational training on what it means to bring neuroinclusion into the workplace.”

Jefferies Marketing Dept.

“The Uptimize training is superb. It focuses on storytelling from actually neurodivergent people. The mini-bite sized videos are easily digestible too”

Natalia Lyckowski


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