“A Hidden Force” with Paulette Penzvalto and Margaux Joffe

We were excited to host a special webinar to celebrate the launch of Uptimize founder Ed Thompson’s book “A Hidden Force – Unlocking the Power of Neurodiversity at Work”.

In this event, Ed was joined for a conversation by Google’s Paulette Penzvalto, author of the foreword to “A Hidden Force”, and entrepreneur, speaker, consultant and ADHD community builder Margaux Joffe, whose story and perspectives are featured significantly in the book.

Margaux, Paulette and Ed discussed some of the key themes of “A Hidden Force”, such as:
– why is everybody talking about neurodiversity NOW?
– how has the “neurodiversity at work” movement changed over time, and where is it heading?
– the importance of sharing and learning from individuals in the community

… plus audience questions and discussion!

About our guests, Paulette and Margaux:

Paulette Penzvalto has consistently been a leading voice in the neurodiversity at work community. Now COO of the Google Disability Alliance, she is also an international keynote speaker. Margaux Joffe, formerly of Verizon, is the founder of the Kaleidoscope Society for Women with ADHD and The Great ADHD Reset.

About the host, Ed:

Ed Thompson is the CEO and founder of Uptimize, the neurodiversity training company that works globally with organizations like Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte and IBM. Ed has also become a frequent speaker on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace and is the author of A Hidden Force.

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