Virtual Fireside Chat with Shey Ojedokun

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Another in our virtual fireside chat series, this time with author Oluseyitan (Shey) Ojedokun. Shey, a 24 year old British Nigerian, released her book “The Intersectionality of Being Black and Neurodiverse” in 2023 – a book that has immediately won significant praise on both sides of the Atlantic for its insight into the unique experiences of neurodivergent people of color.

As organizations continue to look to ensure stronger inclusion and diversity when it comes to ethnic minorities, and the importance of intersectionality continues to be recognized, Shey’s story and voice are playing an important part in moving these key conversations forward.

In this conversation hosted by Uptimize founder Ed Thompson, Shey and Ed discuss:

– Shey’s journey to writing the book

– How organizations should think about and highlight intersectionality

– The importance of an informed culture

– Neurodivergent characteristics as superpowers

… and much more!


About our guest, Shey Ojedokun:

Oluseyitan (Shey) Ojedokun is a neurodivergent author whose first book “Intersectionality of Being Black and Neurodiverse” (2023) has won rave reviews for its honesty and insight into the unique experiences of neurodivergent people of color.

About the host, Ed:

Ed Thompson is the CEO and founder of Uptimize, the neurodiversity training company that works globally with organizations like Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte and IBM. Ed has also become a frequent speaker on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace and is the author of A Hidden Force.

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