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Discover the significance of intentional, empathetic leadership in embracing neurodiversity, from challenging hiring practices to fostering collective decision-making. Champion a journey towards greater inclusion, collaboration, and success in the modern workforce through practical strategies and a commitment to continuous learning. Meet Ed Thompson, a visionary entrepreneur and advocate for neurodiversity in the workplace. As the CEO and founder of Uptimize, he has pioneered a groundbreaking corporate training platform designed to revolutionize how organizations approach talent acquisition and retention. Uptimize stands out for its innovative strategies in attracting, hiring, and nurturing individuals who think differently.

00:04 What is the Lead at the Top of Your Game Podcast?

05:13 Understanding Neurodiversity and the Case for Inclusion

12:29 Catalyzing Change Thinking Towards Neurodiversity

15:26 Extending Neuro Inclusion to Customers and Partners

17:59 “A Hidden Force” and Practical Steps for Neuro Inclusion

20:48 Subtle Strategies for Understanding Team Preferences

23:58 Embracing Neurodiversity for Innovation and Growth

26:41 Ed’s favorite Tactics: Leading with Intellectual Horsepower

28:28 A Journey Towards Greater Inclusion and Innovation

31:37 Ed’s Playbook entry: Leading with Openness and Humility


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