Secrets to Building & Leading Neurodiversity ERGs

Neurodiversity enterprise resource groups (ERGs) have been a vital driver for neuroinclusive change both within organizations and beyond. Several of the most successful ERG builders on the planet, Salesforce’s Kurt Iobst and Ubisoft’s Pierre Escaich and Aris Bricker, were joined by host Ed Thompson to discuss:

– how to bring the topic of neurodiversity to your organization

– how to build an ERG and grow membership

– how to connect the ERG’s experiences and priorities to the organization’s DEI and change management initiatives

– what they have learned from hearing so many first hand stories of neurodivergent colleagues

– what every organization needs to know – and needs to do, now! – to become truly neuroinclusive

Read our article on how neurodiversity fits into broader Diversity, Equity & Inclusion initiatives.

About the Panelists:

All three of our panelists lead globally renowned neurodiversity resource groups within their organization. Kurt Iobst leads the Salesforce neurodiversity ERG, a key cog in the neuroinclusion efforts within the Salesforce ecosystem, while Aris and Pierre are two of three co-leads of the equivalent group at their company, video games giant Ubisoft.

About the host, Ed:

Ed Thompson is the CEO and founder of Uptimize, the neurodiversity training company that works globally with organizations like Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte and IBM. Ed has also become a frequent speaker on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace and is the author of A Hidden Force.

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