“The Business Case for Recruiting Neurodiverse Talent from Colleges & Universities” Webinar

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It is estimated that 20% of students in Colleges and Universities identify as a neurominority or having a disability. By expanding your recruitment initiatives to be neurodiversity friendly,  you are recruiting from an overlooked, but very talented population, and increasing your competitiveness in “the war for talent”.
Uptimize’s Ed Thompson and Jan Coplan from Landmark College, the leading U.S. college which was built on the belief that neurodiversity is a strength, will be discussing the untapped talent pool that will receive greater recognition in 2022.
We discuss:
  • How to attract, leverage, and appreciate neurodivergent talent
  • How to recognize strengths in neurodistinct students
  • How colleges like Landmark team up with organizations to help place neurodistinct talent with the right careers
  • How organizations like Dell, EY, JPMorganChase, and others have had major success in neurodiversity hiring programs

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