Neuroinclusion isn’t just about building a diverse and welcoming workplace. It’s also a smart business decision.

The survey in this Neuroinclusion At Work Report reveals how organizations that prioritize neurodiversity experience improved employee engagement, higher levels of productivity, and greater retention rates. By embracing the insights and strategies from the report, you position your organization for long-term success and sustainable growth.

CIPD Neuroinclusion at Work Report 2024

Discover the Impact of Neurodiversity and Neuroinclusion on the Future of Work

Neurodiversity Workplace Training

Why Neuroinclusion Matters?

Did you know that every interaction at work involves individuals with unique brains? Yet, the sad reality is that very few organizations are actively considering neurodiversity or neuroinclusion. This represents a missed opportunity to address both key talent priorities and the inequalities faced by neurodivergent individuals in the workplace.

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Neurodiversity means that people think differently

No two brains are alike which is why every company should think in terms of neuroinclusion and neurodiversity for the future.

CIPD Neuroinclusion at Work Report 2024

The Neuroinclusion at Work Report 2024: A Comprehensive Overview

This report dives deep into the findings from both employer and employee surveys, exploring the importance of fostering a neuroinclusive workplace. By examining the experiences of both neurodivergent and neurotypical individuals separately, this report allows you to:

happier neurodiverse workforcehappier neurodiverse workforce

Identify Neurodiversity Gaps

Get to know the frequently underestimated and often overlooked neurodivergent experience within the workplace.

Neurodiversity Ebook - Relevant Terms Language

Gain Valuable Insights

Learn from the working experiences of employees, and discover the impact of this crucial aspect on employee well-being, performance, and retention.

Neurodiversity Ebook - Relevant Terms Language

Unlock Workplace Benefits

Unlock the potential benefits for your organization and individuals by creating a workplace that embraces neurodiversity.

Practical Guidance for Creating a Neuroinclusive Workplace

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Clear rationale with 7 key principles

The Neuroinclusion at Work Report 2024 not only provides a clear rationale for neuroinclusion as a part of an organization’s EDI efforts, but also offers seven key principles for creating a neuroinclusive workplace.

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Role Specific Neurodiversity Training

Clear benefits for your organization and the individual

Through collaboration between the CIPD and Uptimize, this eBook serves as a practical guide for employers. Discover how you can create fair and neuroinclusive workplaces that value and utilize different thinking styles, learning approaches, and communication styles.

Measurable Impact

Your organization is already inherently neurodiverse.

Fostering neuroinclusion is not just about hiring new talent, but also about being inclusive of the diverse thinkers you already have, regardless of whether they have identified themselves as neurodivergent.

Measurable Impact
Neurodiversity Workplace Training

Create a Neuroinclusive Workplace with Seven Guiding Principles

Everyday interactions shape our working experience, and a neuroinclusive workplace ensures that every individual feels included, respected, and valued. By accessing the Neuroinclusion at Work Report 2024 you will gain valuable insights, practical guidance and the seven guiding principles for creating a neuroinclusive workplace that fosters diversity of thought and drives innovation.

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CIPD Neuroinclusion at Work Report 2024

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