Neurodiversity with Ed Thompson – The Guiding Voice

The Guiding Voice

Neurodiversity and Neuroinclusion to Elevate Your Talent Power – The Guiding Voice

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Uptimize founder Ed Thompson speaks with Naveen Samala on the leading podcast The Guiding Voice, in a wide-ranging conversation covering multiple key topics within neurodiversity at work.

The conversation covered topics such as:

  • Toughest lessons learned in Ed’s entrepreneurial journey
  • What is neurodiversity vs neuroinclusion?
  • Why are we talking about neurodiversity now?
  • How businesses or organizations benefit from a more neurodiverse workforce
  • How to do neuroinclusion well – and where it can go wrong when it comes to hiring, communication, and well-being
  • Some powerful strategies for neuroinclusive hiring
  • Companies that embraced neurodiversity well
  • One piece of advice to those aspiring to make BIG in their careers

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