Neurodiversity & Innovation with Remi Uzzan and Shawn Fry


Most CEOs and senior leaders talk about the urgent need to innovate. Innovation can be on a big scale – a new technology or product – but it can also be on a micro scale, with small process improvements leading to big wins. In this webinar we will focus on how neurodiversity can drive innovation at work, both through the creativity of neurodivergent professionals and entrepreneurs, and through the innovative capacity of true “diversity of thought” within teams.

We are delighted to welcome two fantastic panellists for the discussion: neurodivergent entrepreneur Shawn Fry, star of the chapter dedicated to neurodiversity and innovation in Ed Thompson’s recent book “A Hidden Force”, and Remi Uzzan, founder of Othentik, the Paris-based innovation agency powered by neurodiversity.

Together with host Ed Thompson, the panellists will share:

– their own journeys

– how neurodiverse minds drive innovative outcomes

– tips for allowing creativity to thrive in your organization

and much more, with plenty of time for Q&A!

About our guests, Shawn Fry and Remi Uzzan:

Our guests this week couldn’t be better qualified to talk on this topic. Remi Uzzan is the CEO and founder of Othentik, the innovation agency based on the power of neurodivergent talent. Shawn Fry is a serial entrepreneur and neurodiversity advocate, with multiple patents to his name.

About the host, Ed:

Ed Thompson is the CEO and founder of Uptimize, the neurodiversity training company that works globally with organizations like Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte and IBM. Ed has also become a frequent speaker on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace and is the author of A Hidden Force.

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