Building a Neurodiversity ERG at your organization

Hear ERG leaders from Salesforce and Ubisoft on how to provide a pathway to being an active neuroinclusion champion in your workplace.

Topics covered include:
– Why neuroinclusion is important in the workplace
– How self-advocates and allies at companies like Salesforce and Ubisoft have launched their ERGS
– Strategies for growing ERG membership
– Recommendations for sparking the neuroinclusion conversation internally
– The impact that neurodiversity ERGs have had on their organizations

About Aris:

Aris Bricker (they/them) is an Associate Game Designer at Ubisoft Red Storm, as well as a games instructor, student mentor, and speaker who specializes in neurodiverse and queer issues. They are a global co-lead and founding member of the Neurodiversity ERG at Ubisoft. Aris lives in North Carolina with their partners, pets, and plants.

About Austin:

Austin Aja, a rising star and speaker in the neurodiversity community, is currently the Technical Account Manager, Co-Chair of Communications Global AbilityForce (disability ERG) at Salesforce / Tableau. This group provides a safe place for people who identify as neurodivergent to share their experiences and ask questions.

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