Small Businesses Including Neurodiverse Talent – Uptimize interview

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Uptimize founder Ed Thompson was interviewed by on the topic of neurodiversity at work, and specifically how more small to medium sized businesses are beginning to embrace neurodiversity in their work.

“Ed Thompson, founder of Denver, Colorado-based neurodiversity training company Uptimize, has implemented neuroinclusve training programs at large companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Accenture. But as of late, Thompson says, the greatest increase in demand for Uptimize’s services has come from SMBs.

“Some big tech companies got this ‘on the map’, and other companies in different industries see that and want to do something themselves,” Thompson says.

Around half of the small and medium businesses that have recently sought Uptimize’s services have been tech companies, but the rest represent a wide range of industries, according to Thompson…”

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