“The Connection Between Mental Health and Neurodiversity” Webinar

Historically, the workplace has not been set up to be neurodivergent-friendly. Many employers unknowingly have environments, processes, and policies in place that favor neurotypical thinking styles.

Furthermore, nearly 2 out of 3 employees say they’ve experienced backlash from their coworkers when a private detail of their life became known at work. Mental health issues, neurodivergence, and disabilities were among the types of details commonly exposed.

In this virtual session, we discuss:
– What is neurodiversity, and is neurodivergence the same as mental health challenges?
– Why might neurodivergent individuals be susceptible to mental health issues?
– Why would someone need to “mask” being neurodivergent and why isn’t a typical workplace conducive to neurodivergent individuals bringing their full selves to work?
– What factors relating to the workplace might provoke or exacerbate mental health challenges for people of minority neurotypes?
– How can any manager, HR professional, DEI professional ensure that the mental health of employees of minority neurotypes is respected and supported?

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