Improving your Employee Experience through Neuroinclusion

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Employee Experience is the number 1 priority for CEOs in 2024. It’s crucial in driving business outcomes including retention and productivity.

But many strategies that organizations currently use to create a better employee experience aren’t working. And that’s because most fail to consider the fact that everybody thinks differently.

Join us for practical tips on how the Employee Experience (or “EX”) can be transformed through neuroinclusion.

Our awesome guests for this webinar are:
– Neurodiversity consultant and Uptimize SME Graham Hulbert, who is able to bring his own experiences to bear when designing more effective teams and more inclusive workplaces.
– Career C-Suite HR leader Ellen Raim, a tech and telecoms People leader with extensive experience in focusing on and optimizing EX in complex organizations. 

This webinar will be hosted by Uptimize founder and CEO Ed Thompson, and topics covered include:

– Why EX matters particularly in 2024
– Why typical EX strategies are often flawed
– How to dramatically improve your EX through neuroinclusion
– How current strategies can be improved through consideration of neurodiversity
– and more… with plenty of time for Q&A!

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About our guests:

Graham Hulbert uses his curious mind, passion for continuous improvement, and experience in the field of change management towards making the corporate environment more neuroinclusive. Ellen Raim is a career C-Suite HR leader, with experience across the tech and telecoms verticals. Today, her consulting firm People Matter consults businesses on their key People strategy, change management and process priorities.

About the host, Ed:

Ed Thompson is the CEO and founder of Uptimize, the neurodiversity training company that works globally with organizations like Salesforce, JPMorgan Chase, Deloitte and IBM. Ed has also become a frequent speaker on the topic of neurodiversity in the workplace and is the author of A Hidden Force.

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