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Teamwork and collaboration can be powered by a more diverse and inclusive team.

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Ed Thompson, founder and CEO of Uptimize, a company that has helped the likes of JPMorgan supercharge their teams’ performance by leveraging the talents of all neurotypes said:

“Since our mission is to show companies how they can supercharge team performance through embracing neurodiversity, diversity is a no-brainer for our organisation. We practice what we preach. We attract and hire a highly neurodiverse team. This informs our product, as we create educational courses that show how to leverage all neurotypes. It makes sense to have a diverse range of thinkers developing these materials.

“I, myself, suffered a traumatic brain injury, so I understand what it’s like to deal with information and memory processing challenges. In addition, we have a very neurodiverse team. We take time to understand how each other’s brain works and how we work best. We all understand ‘what’ we need to do, but give each other the flexibility to determine ‘how.’

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