Custom Programs

Co-designing and implementing your neurodiversity initiative.

Achieving your unique goals

Meeting your talent needs

Open the doors to neurodiverse talent – make sure you aren’t unintentionally excluding great candidates in your hiring process.

A more diverse, innovative workforce

Cognitive diversity in your teams can lead to greater innovation and higher performance.

A workplace in which everyone can thrive

A workplace in which everyone can thrive

“We’re working with Uptimize because there’s some great innovation and tools they have to offer, supporting our push into this new arena”

Michael Fieldhouse
Social Impact Practice Leader,
DXC Technology

Our Process


Work with Uptimize or one of our local partners in your city to understand exactly where you’re at when it comes to neurodiversity inclusion, benchmarked against best practices.


Develop a strategic and tactical plan towards an ultimate goal of neurodiversity inclusion as business-as-usual, embedded into the culture and processes of the enterprise.


Apply training and other resources where needed, on demand, to support global culture change or specific tactical needs of teams involved directly in inclusion programs.

Results & Recommendations

Measure and assess change outcomes, and source recommendations from employees involved on how to continue to make your workplace universally inclusive.

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