Embracing Neurodiversity At Work

Fostering neuroinclusion in the workplace brings enormous value, including enhanced collaboration productivity, problem-solving abilities, and a more inclusive work culture. In this webinar, we debunk common misconceptions about neurodiversity so that you can avoid common mistakes and build an inclusive workplace culture that enables every type of thinker to thrive.

Neurodiversity webinar on the most common misconceptions of neurodiversity at work

Debunking Neurodiversity In The Workplace Myths

Learn about key misconceptions relating to neurovariance at work from leading experts Marcie Ciampi and Sarah Duggan, with host Uptimize founder and CEO Ed Thompson.

You’ll learn about:

Neurodiversity Webinar - Topic Apprehension

Why HR professionals and leaders can be apprehensive about topics including neurodiversity and/or disability

Neurodiversity Webinar - Myths & Fallacies

How to ensure your neurodivergent or neurodiverse employees are not being pressured to fill a role that goes beyond their scope of work or responsibilities.

Neurodiversity Webinar - Effective Approach

Effective ways to approach neuroinclusion to create real and lasting change

Building A Solid Foundation For Growth + Change

All individuals are unique. Is your organization framing your neurodiversity approach in a proactive, honest way, while also removing barriers so that everyone can reach their fullest potential?




Neurodiversity Experts


Misconceptions and mistakes discussed

Common Misconceptions

How to avoid costly neurodiversity in the workplace mistakes

Neurodiversity Workplace Training

Building a more neuroinclusive organization

Learn how to avoid and navigate common pitfalls as you bring the topic of neurodiversity to your organization.

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Neurodiversity webinar on the most common misconceptions of neurodiversity at work

Understand the most common misconceptions about Neurodiversity at work

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